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FOX News
Oct 30, 2012 1:00pm PDT
to designate the electors however they want. the electors for obama or for romney, but if a state wanted to the legislature could choose the electorate rather than having election. they would be voted out of office but they could do it. with those premises in place, the question is, can a state delay an election? yes but not for president. federal law has said you must choose your electors on the first monday after the first tuesday of november. this year, november 6. so the state of new jersey, where we live, for example, could delay congressional elections by a month because they felt candidates could not campaign because of the hurricane but it could not delay the presidential election since that is the date set by congress. so, we have to hold it on that date or hold a substitute for it, like a vote if the legislature on that date. >>neil: what is the likely hood that 20 states, says were affected by the storm in one way, shape or form, not that the entire state is affected by power outages and it is mostly in new jersey or connecticut or the other states is there anything the federa
FOX News
Oct 31, 2012 1:00pm PDT
or if there is a rallying behind president obama in the last few difficulties before election day. >>neil: you never know if they would extend election day it would probably be a legal hurdle so leaving that aside, a lot of folks could be without power in a lot of areas so they have to file a paper ballot if you go to the precinct and you are, this is like some of these old countries where you have a slip paper and they count it at the precinct and it could be a long election night, could it not? >>guest: it could. and you are absolutely right, provisional ballots are something we will have to watch the i point out that most affected areas are not swing states but it could affect a senate race in connecticut and we will have to wait to see what the provisional ballots do for that but in cincinnati where i am right new, an area that is fault affected by the storm, we have already seen the provisional ballots may not be counted for a week and if things are close in ohio that could change the outcome of the election but it will not be because of the storm. >>neil: i could do all night election coverage, a w
FOX News
Oct 29, 2012 1:00pm PDT
to a certain degree, but virginia is the big state, with 13 electoral votes. what the nightmares, for obama, in particular, northern virginia is going to be hit very hard. in 2008 northern vi which is the moratic party of the state provided obama's entire victory margin in the state. it took the whole downstate sely and a tie between obama and jo mccain, northern virginia did it. so, there is concern, obviously, among s, that northern virginia might see their polling places knocked out, early absentee balloting--. >>neil: but what do they do? a lotf voting machines are hooked up to outlets, right? they need power, so, you cannot vote, is it conceivable, and it sounds incredible to me that they would extend voting or make a new voting day and push it furthe back? we e in unchartered territory. later later --t would take a court order. we have a provision for paper ballots if the electricity is off, the polling distribute paper balld e lots of problems connected to paper ballots but at least that can be done if nothinge and we hope it doesn't get do that point. >>neil: we will watc very y. t
FOX News
Nov 1, 2012 1:00pm PDT
and that would be romney or it will be close and it could be obama, but if it is close we will be here for days. >>neil: wait, wait, wait, wait, my world record when you say days, my world record for being on the hair is 11 hours straight. >>pat: there is a good chance. because you just need to be ready. >>neil: thank you very much. pat president i will be there suffering with you. >>neil: i love that. >>pat: just like iowa. >>neil: you are so smart it is scary. panic is setting in as the power outages keep the gas stations closed. this gas line look how far it stretched -- into california! not really but it is bad. go on the road and look at this all these people are looking if gas. you know more than a couple of vehicles have just a quarter tank or less, right if not good. not good. that often leads to hoarding. some relief could be on the way. now, pat, what do you see happening? >>pat: well, it is like we have cabin fever. folks want to get out and survey the damage. what do they need? gasoline, yes, some need it for generators and some need to drive around and maybe their employers are mak
FOX News
Nov 2, 2012 1:00pm PDT
a couple of days ago, we are on it, we got it? we have a big obama supporter, what do you think? >>guest: we are in the midst of a tragedy, an unprecedented moment. this is in shortage of gasoline. there is a shortage of power. i live in part of manhattan where we have power and millions of people live a few blocks south of me and have no power. if this was a katrina-like response where there was a visible tragedy and you did not see a governor with his hands on the switch as you saw in governor christie or governor cuomo, a president who has brought every fema resource. >>neil: but you saw in staten island it is not reaching there. i agree, it is different great katrina but if the argument is they are bragging about what they doing, but this woman is saying, no, no, it is not. we are not seeing it. >>guest: the five boroughs of new york is peculiar circumstance. i don't disagree with the woman we have been imbalanced here in new york relative to the four boroughs other than manhattan where i live. but, this isn't a macro political event. some of the local people will be called out as to
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)